• 欢迎回到学校

  • Welcome back for the 2021-2022 school year!

    The 2021-22 school year starts on Monday, August 9, for thousands of children in 富尔顿County.


    The 富尔顿County School System (快3平台) continues to be the fourth largest school district in Georgia with a projected 2021-22 enrollment of approximately 90,400名学生. The system includes 108 schools – 59 elementary schools, 19中学, 21中学, 10 start-up charter schools, and one full-time virtual school.

    After more than a year of pandemic-related disruptions and remote learning, 快3平台 is excited about returning to the classroom. Here are the Top 10 new items parents, students and our community should know as we start the new school year. More information about additional updates can be found on our 快3平台新闻网站.

Our Top 10 List of New Things

More Details About Our Top 10 List

  • 1) COVID-19 and School 操作
    In order to facilitate the safest learning environment possible, COVID-19 health guidelines will continue to be followed, with face coverings recommended for students and 工作人员. Masks are required by the federal government on all public transportation, which includes school buses. 学校 located in municipalities where the rate of infection exceeds 100 per 100,000 residents will require all students, 人员, and visitors to wear masks until such time as the level of spread drops. Data will be taken from the FCBOH Epidemiology Reports and will be reported on our 快3平台 Coronavirus Update page. Any 快3平台 school or facility located within a jurisdiction where the state, county or municipality requires a mask be worn in public spaces will honor such orders until such time as it has expired. Download a one-page summary of these protocols in PDF format (8月更新. 10).

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    2) Building the Bridge to Success
    快三平台app下载 is focused on connecting COVID-19 re-entry to our future. The district received more than $168 million dollars of federal funding in the American Rescue Plan (ARP) to help schools recover from COVID-19. 结合我的关心, CARES II and smaller related CARES grants, 快3平台 will implement a multi-year program to address the impact of the pandemic on lost instruction and learning, and centers on ensuring the safety of students, 工作人员, 和家庭. The program encompasses the district’s 焦点 plan, a collaborative initiative founded on existing effective practices for academic recovery. 焦点 addresses the universal needs of all students while driving targeted resources and strategies to the students with the greatest necessities. A major plank of this effort is its literacy initiative, which specifically addresses and transforms the district’s approach to literacy instruction. As part of the initiative, 快3平台 will add K-2 literacy coaches in each elementary school. 快3平台 will also implement High Dosage Small Group Tutoring, which consists of having a single tutor with a student over a school year in math or reading. High dosage tutoring can double the amount of learning students typically gain during the year. New 课程 Mapping will provide 老师 with the information they need to fill in any learning gaps for students whose learning may have been impacted by the pandemic. The plan also leverages opportunities for enhanced assessment while minimizing testing burden on students and provides leaders, 老师, 和家庭 with resources and training so they can understand and use their students’ data for instruction and support.

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    3) Three new schools are opening in August 2021
    快三平台app下载' Global Impact Academy (GIA) and Innovation Academy (IA), and Fulton Academy of Virtual Excellence (FAVE). GIA and IA are 阀杆-focused high schools offering instruction in engineering, 健康科学, 和信息技术. FAVE is 快三平台app下载’ first-ever virtual school and will serve students in grades 3-11 in a 100% online environment. The instruction will be a blend of live, online lessons (synchronous) and self-directed lessons (asynchronous) from 富尔顿County 老师. 除了, a replacement building is opening for Crabapple Middle School.



    快3平台 has implemented a new attendance notification process. Parents/guardians will be notified more often on absences, regardless of whether a student is excused or unexcused. 家庭 will be notified of student absences via daily robocalls. 学生 who accumulate multiple absences will receive letters to notify them of missed learning time, and 工作人员 will follow up with supportive interventions. Parents/guardians can monitor their child’s attendance using 无限的校园. More detailed information about our attendance policy can be found here.

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    在这些天, classes start one hour later than usual for students so that faculty and 工作人员 can participate in Professional 学习 opportunities and work together to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students. Buses continue to operate on the regular schedule during late start dates; however, parents also can choose to transport their child to school by the scheduled later start time. 学生 who arrive early will participate in supervised activities until the school day begins.



    6) ‘Start with Hello’ Campaign
    快3平台 remains focused on identifying the needs of students and then developing resources that raise awareness, educate and provide intervention where needed. This year, the district will implement ‘Start with Hello,’ a program that promotes connectedness. With the pandemic creating isolation due to disrupted social interaction, 快3平台 seeks to help students reacclimate with their peers through student success skills. Clubs and other relationship-building activities also are encouraged. 另外, the 快3平台 Office of 学生纪律 will work with the 快3平台 警察 Department on a ‘Stop the Violence Campaign.’

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    The 富尔顿County 董事会 of Education is committed to its stakeholders and strongly believes that their voice matters. 学生, 老师, and parents across the district created a student, teacher and parent/guardian 权利法案. These documents are intended to support an environment of reciprocal accountability, and outline tenets for each of the groups.



    As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains critical our students receive safe, 健康的, 和有营养的食物. 美国.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has waived fees so all students will continue to receive meals at no charge for the 2021-22 school year, allowing school nutrition professionals to focus on nourishing children for success.



    As a reminder, parents and students are encouraged to sign-up for our ‘公共汽车来了“应用程序. The free service allows students and parents track their bus to determine when it is scheduled to arrive at their bus stop. Alerts notify parents when the bus is just a few blocks away, offering safety for students and peace of mind for parents.



    10) 快3平台新闻网站
    所有最新的 快3平台 news headlines and feature stories have been consolidated into one easy-to-navigate website. Be sure to bookmark this site and visit regularly to find: Daily Updates, 学术新闻, 体育新闻, 音乐 & Arts 新闻, School 董事会 新闻 and more.

Even More Changes for 2021-22

  • 人员

    Additional Teachers and New School Leaders. By the summer’s end, 快三平台app下载 will have welcomed more than 650 new 老师 for 2021-22. This will bring the district’s total teaching force to approximately 7,000. Retirements and promotions also have led to changes in school leadership: 


    , Manning Oaks Elementary School
    斯蒂芬妮·哈加, Wilson Creek Elementary School
    尼基波特, Stonewall Tell Elementary School
    Shavanda注意, Woodland Elementary School
    Lakasha李, Ison Springs Elementary School
    屋大维哈里斯, Langston Hughes High School
    吉尔米克, E. C. 西小学
    凯茜克劳福德 Alpharetta Elementary School
    马库斯Vu, Fulton Academy of Virtual Excellence
    詹妮弗·罗森塔尔, Spalding Drive Elementary School
    凯萨琳印章, Liberty Point Elementary School
    亚瑟•戴维斯, Campbell Elementary School


    希瑟·范·Looy, Director, 教学技术



    新的3DE磁铁程序. Tri-Cities High School becomes the third 快3平台 high school to offer the 3DE program. The program is starting off the year with more than 170 students.

    CTAE扩张. 快3平台 is in the introductory phase of planning expanded CTAE (Career, 技术, and Agricultural Education) elementary programs by identifying and writing curriculum, 标准, lessons and projects for focus areas. The district is adding new courses to the sixth grade CTAE curriculum: Culinary Arts and Agriculture. Middle schools will be able to customize the CTAE Engage course experience so that it aligns with the pathways offered at their respective high school.

    课程中心. A 课程中心 has been created to provide parents with easy access to English/Language Arts/Reading, 数学, 科学, and 社会研究 resources. The hub can be accessed here.

    青蛙街. 从今年开始, 青蛙街 will be introduced at the elementary school level in each of the 快3平台 Pre-Kindergarten classes. 青蛙街 is a comprehensive, research-based program that integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines. It was recently approved by Bright from the Start and is aligned with the Georgia Early 学习 and Development Standards (GELDS).

    NWEA地图. 快3平台 will use the Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress (NWEA地图) as a nationally norm-referenced assessment for grades 2, 4, 和7. The MAP assessment will be administered in October, with NWEA地图 Growth used as the universal screener for students in Grades 9-12. MAP will be used to benchmark student achievement against the nation and used for gifted eligibility in the area of achievement.



    During remote learning, 快3平台 expanded the number of one-to-one devices issued to students.  The district will continue this and will issue devices to all students grades 3-12 and provide classroom access for all PK-2nd grade classrooms.  As we come back into the school year, students will retain the devices issued last year and check in with their school or new 快3平台 school if they advanced to a new grade level or have moved within the district.


    安全 & 安全

    社区 Policing Division. The 快3平台 警察 Department launched its 社区 Policing Division in April to strengthen community outreach and provide student mentorship. 作为这项新努力的一部分, a 警察 Athletic League (PAL) and a ‘Cookies and Cops’ program will help foster positive relationships between elementary school students and officers. 另外, a gang intelligence unit is being developed to combat this issue in the community.

    Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). 上个学年末, the 快3平台 警察 Department began using Small-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) in large event surveillance, 培训操作, and critical incident intervention and response. Approximately 20 快3平台 police officers are becoming certified in using the drone aircrafts.

    Digital Video Surveillance Systems. Progress towards upgrading the video camera system for our schools continues. 上一学年, 14 schools had cameras and video servers updated to Avigilon’s digital video surveillance system. Another group of 14 schools will have new cameras installed and updated this year.

    哮喘的友好学校. Due to the efforts of the 快3平台 Office of 健康 Services, 快三平台app下载 is now one of only nine Georgia school districts to be certified as an Asthma Friendly school district. 被认可, 快3平台 had to adopt and implement policies and procedures related to asthma management, which provides a safe and 健康的 environment for students with asthma-related illnesses. 除了, the district has been awarded a $50,000 Asthma Initiative grant from 健康care Georgia Foundation, 公司. The one-year grant will allow the 快3平台 健康 Services team to enhance school-based education and care coordination of students with asthma.

    School-Based 健康 Centers Re-opening. The school-based health centers at Lake Forest Elementary School and College Park Elementary School will re-open. The centers had closed temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which limited visitors in schools.



    巴士队准备出发了. The 运输 department is prepared to have 704 route buses rolling to serve the students of 富尔顿County on the first day of school. Thirty-two new drivers were hired to meet the 工作人员ing targets set for the new year, ensuring that every 快3平台 bus has an assigned driver.

    New Propane-Powered Buses with Seat Belts. Of the entire fleet, 521 buses are propane-powered with 3-point seat belts. This is part of the district’s commitment to replace aging diesel vehicles with buses that are safer for students, more cost effective to operate, and friendlier to the environment.



    学校厨房升温. The 学校营养 Program will have all 97 commercial kitchens operating on the first day of school so that students can receive breakfast, 午餐, 和零食. Approximately 71,000 meals will be served every day this school year.